Further down the road…

Multi V4S Sport
My third motorcycle in 4 years...

When I started the blog, the image pictured was expected to be in March and part of a “big finish” post, but the Ever Given and other factors conspired to delay this beautiful and (so far) rare trim level Multistrada V4S Sport model from being built in the Ducati Bologna factory in Italy and travelling to Reno’s Powersports in Martin City, Mo.

For everyone who has come along for the ride as I’ve worked on this blog and talked about my mid-life adventure of starting to ride, “Thank you!”

With over 17,000 miles since August of 2017, I’ve learned that 15° F is cold, and > 80° F is hot. I’ve learned I need to check my tire pressure and tread regularly. I’ve learned I need to do more chain maintenance, especially in the winter when it is cold and wet in the mornings.

I’ve also learned that I absolutely love all of it: the freezing cold mornings, the hot and sweaty evenings, the checklists, and, most of all, the feeling I get when I have the road in front of me, two wheels below me, and the landscape of the world all around me.

This has been my story of doing something I always thought I would do much earlier in life. In spite of that, I am so happy that it was absolutely the right time and the right “me”.