Encounter with a MADOG

Let me just lay this out right up front: I am an introvert.

The parties I go to are typically hosted by members of my Sci FI / Fantasy book club, and my time at those parties alternates between conversations about video games, book, and other esoteric conversation topics (in other words, talking with like-minded people).

When I purchased my first Ducati, the Scrambler, I did see that there was a Ducati owner’s club, but they met on the same night my book club met. So nope… staying away from the MADOG (Mid-America Ducati Owner’s Group)

But after trading up to the magnificent Multistrada 1260S, I looked again, and saw that they were having a BBQ ride on the last Wednesday of each month.

Mmmm, BBQ.

At Heartland Park RacetrackNot only did I get to have some BBQ and hang out with some pretty cool people, soon after that I was able to ride out to the Heartland Park Topeka race track and ride “parade” laps. I think we got up a little over 70 / 80 mph, which felt fast to me, but afterwards, our lap leader told me he had to take it slow because the others behind me were having trouble keeping up!

(note: this was the 4th time at Heartland Park, but second time on the track itself)

With that and more BBQ rides, I started feeling at home and that I’d found a new group to be a part of. I had only been riding for a short time, but was welcomed by the members.

MADOG Annual Pig Roast
MADOG Annual Pig Roast

Then they got me hooked on motorcycle racing!

Not only did I feel welcomed as a Ducati owner, I could have pride in our premier class riders and motorcycles in the ultimate 2-wheeled racing: MotoGP.

2021 Ducati Corse racer "Pecco" Bagnaia #63
Ducati MotoGP rider #63 Pecco Bagnaia

With COVID-19, MotoGP watch sessions and BBQ rides went on hold. So I’ve been diving into all of the stats, lap times, practice, and qualifying session on my own. But I miss the guys and talking about where we’ve ridden and where in the world we are going for the next BBQ ride.

So when you decide to try something new, do seek out the related communities and organizations. You might just find you’ve found a whole new set of friends and activities.

2 thoughts on “Encounter with a MADOG”

  1. Dan,
    It appears you have quite a variety of interests and hobbies. Those groups are great to be a part of especially when they have group activities. I have belonged to a Thunderbird group for over 30 years but have fallen off in attendance since my husband is no longer here to go with me.

    1. I definitely have many different interests! But certainly, many of these can be a lot more enjoyable when you have a group to experience or discus with. I belong to a “Dinner Club” group, have friends who are Symphony goers, a trivia team, and more!

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